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Who is airWORK aviation images?
Alexis von Croy is a long time aviation journalist.
He has been a senior editor
and photographer for
"fliegermagazin", Germany's leading general aviation
magazine from 1995 to 2003. Today he is the editor
in chief of "Planet Aerospace", an international Aviation,
Space and Defence publication, issued quarterly in
German, French, English and Spanish. He is also a
private pilot and flight instructor (CRI).
Who are the photographers?
Most of the images were made by Alexis. The other
featured photographers are international aviation journalists,
magazine editors and sometimes by pilots.
What equipment do you use?
A majority of the images are professionally scanned slides
which can be obtained in resolutions up to 5372 x 3582 pixels.
In most cases we used Fuji Velvia slide film (50 ASA) as a basis.
The digital images are mostly made with professional NIKON 
cameras like the Nikon D2X (image size: 4288 x 2848 pixels). 
What digital formats are available?
We are convinced that the high quality of our
.JPEG images and scans is sufficient for almost all requirements.
Our images are all in JPEG format in RGB. In special cases we are
able to provide .TIFF or .RAW format images.
Please contact us.
If a customer is NOT satisfied with the way the image(s) is (are) edited
by us and wants or needs an unedited version of the file we will send the
required file by e-mail as soon as possible and free of charge
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